Microfigure Measuring Instrument

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Microfigure Measuring Instrument / ET200

ET200 is able to trace and analyze nano-level micro figures with high accuracy, appropriate for soften sample surfaces by controlling the measuring force.

Max. sample size φ160 × t 48 mm
Repeatability 1 σ  0.3 nm or less
Measuring range Z: 600 μm  X: 100 mm
Resolution Z: 0.1 nm  X: 0.1 μm
Measuring force 10 μN to 500 μN
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Microfigure Measuring Instrument ET4000

Excellent in accuracy, stability and functionality, ET4000 is a fully automatic, most appropriate for measurement of micro figure, step height and roughness of FPD, wafers, hard disks, and other nano-order application. ET4000 series can be selected from a number of models according to applications.

  • ET4000A: Multifunctional and automatic
  • ET4000L: Fully automatic, compatible with large precision glass or wafer size sample
  • ET4000M: Reasonable, high performance and general-use
Max. sample size 210 × 210 mm to 300 × 400 mm
Repeatability 1 σ within 0.5 nm
Measuring range Z: 100 μm  X: 100 mm   (Y stroke: 150 to 400 mm)
Resolution Z: 0.1 nm  X: 0.01 μm
Measuring force 0.5 μN to 500 μN
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ET8000 can automatically measure large-size samples up to size2200 × 2600 mm application with high accuracy. Loading\Unloading sample stage is available an optional.

  • Used for fully automatic measurement of large size samples
Max. sample size 2200 × 2600 mm
Repeatability 1 σ  1 nm
Measuring range X: 10 μm  Y: 10 mm
Resolution Z: 0.1 nm  X: 0.1 μm
Measuring force 0.5 μN to 500 μN

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