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Kosaka Three spindle screw pump is rotary and displacement type and has such advantages as high operating efficiency, quiet driving and reliability. This pump is applied to oil pressure because of high pressure and efficiency, to large Volume of lubricating oil and fuel oil transfer because of large capacity, quiet and high efficiency, to lubricating oil supply for turbine and water pump with direct coupling of high speed running available, and also to hydraulic line and fuel oil burning system because of low pulsation.


  • Simple construction. Rotating elements are only one power rotor and two idler rotors.
  • As rotating elements are only three rotors and comparatively small, and also idler rotors are rotated by liquid pressure, natural, smooth, quiet running is ensured even at high revolution and pressure.
  • Liquid enclosed into chambers sealed by rotors and sleeve is transferred continuously from suction to discharge without pulsation and agitation.
  • As pressure acted to rotating elements is balanced completely, rotors an sleeve are not disturbed by obstructed pressure, and also, as idler rotors are revolved by liquid pressure and lubricated by liquid pumped, there are no direct touches among rotors and sleeve. Therefore, wear is kept extremely low.
  • There is no direct transmission of power to idler rotors and internal pressure acted to rotating elements is balanced, so friction loss is very small. And also, internal leakage loss is kept low with precise machining of rotating elements.
  • As liquid is transferred to thrust direction continuously without agitation and also sealed chambers work as infinit piston, high suction lift is ensured easily without cavitation.
  • Internal of rotating elements is small.
  • Direct coupling with motor and turbine is available without speed reduction.


Capacity Max. 400 m3/h
Head Max. 15 MPa


For land

Lubrication Bearing lubrication oil supply,API676 application
Burning Fuel oil burning
Oil Pressure Water turbine control hydraulic pressure and other hydraulic oil pressure system
Transfer Oil and other liquid transfer
Other Gas Seal oil, Asphalt spraying, High viscosity liquid such as viscose transfer

For ship

Lubrication Main turbine ,engine and Dry,Wet Compressor bearing
Burning Fuel oil burning
Oil Pressure Variable pitch propeller and winch steerage hydraulic oil pressure system
Transfer Lubricating oil and fuel oil transfer

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