Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Model Lineup

Smart Surf

 Portable surface roughness meter with extremely intuitive operation
This measuring machine is suitable for measuring narrow and deep holes due to its compact detector.

  • only in class Integrated structure that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Smartphone feeling Automatically adjust screen orientation
  • Right angle measurement with one touch
  • Smartphone feeling Equipped with screenshot function
Stylus 5μm 90°  ※option 2μm 90°
Range of detection 400/100/10μm
Resolution 50/10/5nm
Driving distance 25.5mm
Parameters Ra、Rz、Rp、Rv、etc
External dimensions・mass W152×D87×H81mm・Approximately500g

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SE500A series

SE500A is sophisticated, compact design and high performance model for surface roughness, waviness and steps. Compatible with various parameters and perform simultaneous analysis of multiple Standards. Excellent expandable unit to meet all applications.

  • Longest driving range and straightness in portable class
  • Combining a touch panel with a switch operation
  • Larger margin of recording paper
  • Enabling combinations compatible with various applications
Standards JIS(2001/94/82), DIN, ISO, ASME
Measuring range Z: 800 μm  X: 55 mm
Minimum resolution 0.08 nm
Measuring magnification Z: 50-200,000 or Auto  X: 1-1000 or Auto
Measuring speed 0.05 - 2 mm/s
Combinations 7 models from portable type to stationary type

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SE800 series

SE800 is complied to worldwide standards including ISO, JIS, DIN, ASME and BS, and each old and current standards. Various filters, cutoff values, measuring length and formula types are provided to meet the standards.

  • Complied to worldwide standards
  • Free layout of data chart
  • Enabling a series of measurements in arbitrary combination with various automated measurement elements
  • The refined design
Standards JIS(2001/94/82), DIN, ISO, ASME, etc
Measuring range Z: 600 μm  X: 100 mm
Measuring magnification Z: 50-500,000  X: 1-5,000
Measuring speed 0.05 - 3 mm/s
*High speed movement 30 mm / s
Z traverse range 300 mm
Recording Free layout

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3D Measurement

3D surface roughness measuring function is added to enable deep evaluation of a target surface with respect to a line and a plane.

  • Parallel processing of analysis and measurement
  • Recording bird's-eye view or a differential contour
  • Max. 100 million sampling points with high resolution
Stage size 150 x 150 mm
Leveling range 1°( X , Y )
Motion range of the stage 50 mm
Minimum stepping range 1 μm
Maximum load 5 kg
Dimensions/Weight W 312 x D 150 x H 70 mm / Approx 8 kg

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Table Traverse Model

Table Traverse Model is stage traverse type with stable straightness, to measure the precision small components.

  • Complied to worldwide parameters
  • Digital sampling by digital scale
  • Fixed pick-up with traverse stage
  • Automatic calibration of Z and Y axis
Measuring 100 mm , 200 mm , 300 mm
Straightness 0.2 μm / 100 mm
0.4 μm / 200 mm
0.6 μm / 300 mm
Others High accuracy workpiece drive
Measurement positioning and measurement observationpossible with a monitor

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Non-Contact Detector

It does not damage the sample by non-contact measurement. Surface roughness measurement of the Inside of the pipe by a non-contact detector was difficult until now But this sensor is able to measure it by compact optical design.

  • High speed measurement is possible, since there is no moving parts in the sensor
  • It can measure low reflectivity sample, since laser power can be changed in 20 steps
  • This sensor is not necessary to manually focus, since the sensor is focused automatically by Auto-Stop function
Measurement range 12 - 500 μm
Resolution 0.2 - 0.5 nm
The diameter of the spot in a measuring range Approx. 1 - 25 μm
Accuracy 1 % + 0.03 μm
Repeatability 10 nm
Laser Maximum power 2 mW , 635 nm , Class1(JIS C 6802:2011)

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