Single screw pump

Hydraulic Equipment / Single Screw Pump

Performance is outstanding for self priming and high viscosity. In the stability capacity, the area of use is wise in the case as transfer of water supply, sewage, sludge, bilge and food. It complies with the extensive specifications corresponding to the use.


  • High suction of lifting up to 8.5m and self priming is especially powerful.
  • It can handle liquid containing solids (Max. 50mmφ), fiber, flock and so on without destroying it.
  • As positive-displacement pump, capacity is directly proportional to the speed without being influenced by delivery pressure.
  • Pump works without pulsation or turbulence.
  • It can be handle high viscosity and density liquid. It is available maximum viscosity of 200,000cps and water containing rate of 50% depend on materiality.
  • As bearings are placed externally, fluids are not contaminated.
  • Fluid flow direction can be changed, so reversed running is possible.
  • Simple construction with a few parts.
  • Wide range of materials of components parts enable to handle all kinds of fluid, such as high corrosive media.
  • As sealing is set on suction side, there are a few burdens and maintenance is easy.


Capacity Max. 330 m3/h
Head Max. 2.4 MPa


City sanitation Activated sludge, Sewage, Cement milk, Concentrate scum, Mud, Digested sludge, Primary Sludge
Ship Sludge, Bilge, Chemical
Food Millet-jelly, Jam, Starch, Butter, Yeast, Ground meat, Ground fish, Fruit, Vegetable, Corned beef, Ketchup
Paper and cellulose Pulp, Clay and starch
Chemical Grease, Material of chemical fiber, coating color, pitch, waste oil
Cosmetics Cream, Tooth paste, Antibiotics, Glycerin
Paints Pigment, Picture ingredient, Lacquer
Steel manufacturing and ceramic industry Grinding liquid, Clay, Blaster, Pit liquid waste

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