Submerged cargo pump system

Kosaka Submerged Pump System has been developed and supplied to many customers in the marine field and have high evaluation since 1975. And this system has specified Sealing system is not only effective performance but also the serve environment regulations by low noise and stripping. And Kosaka have good world wide service.

Submerged Pump System

Hydraulic Equipment / Submerged Pump System

Feature of Kosaka Submerged Pump

Kosaka Submerged Pump apply the unique sealing system with mechanical seal.

One for a cargo and another for hydraulic oil in pressurized cofferdam, which is designed to minimize leakage, zero level. During the operation of the submerged cargo pump , the pressure if the cofferdam is over the back pressure of the impeller but under the pressure if hydraulic oil. Under this relation with the mechanical seals, the leakage is minimized and a pit in the cofferdam has sufficient space to hold the accumulated leakage cargo or oil. The pit level is under the sealing surface of the mechanical seal to achieve no contamination. And the leakage of liquid is small quantity comparatively.

And Kosaka Mechanical Seal has durability very much and good sealing against sludge of super phosphoric acid.

Pump Selection Chart

Submerged Pump System / Pump Selection Chart

Mechanical Seal (Cargo Side)

Submerged Pump System / Mechanical Seal (Cargo Side)

Submerged Pump System / Mechanical Seal (Cargo Side) Graph

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