Bundling machine

Model Lineup

Tape bundling machine (SPA-2700SF)

Built-in automatic feeder realizes binding capacity of 45 bundles per minute. Compatible with high-speed vertical bag wrapping machines (up to 90 bags per minute). Enables stable high-speed operation with a margin. U-shaped binding that opens the front is also possible. Softly stack two or three layers of products that you do not want to tighten with tape, and bind them securely. A single machine SPA-2500S (without automatic loading machine) and a reversing device, lift conveyor, and automatic pouch loading machine are also available as line configuration options. 

  • Applications: Vienna sausages, sausages, flat bags, purse-type bags, various packages of sliced food, hamburger steak, chikuwa (fish paste), hanpen (cake of pounded fish), noodles, etc.
Capability 45 bundles / minute (Max)
Dimensional range of products to be bundled Length: 70-300 mm
Width: 90-150 mm
Height: 20-100 mm
Taping method Overlapping on the back
Tape Self-adhesive plastic tape 
Winding diameter: 320 mm or less 
Paper tube diameter: 90 mm 
Tape width: 20mm 
Tape application direction: Direction perpendicular to the transport direction of the object transport 

Side taping machine (CS-600SS)

Bundling Machine / Side taping machine (CS-600SS)

Side taping of vessels of cup salad, packed lunch, etc. has been so far performed only manually. This machine automated this work to improve the productivity, to reduce the cost considerably and to realize sanitary and safe automatic side taping.

  • Applications: Various salad cups, various lunch boxes, spaghetti, soba (buckwheat noodles), udon (wheat noodles) and various daily dishes.
Capability 35 bundles / minute (Max)
Dimensional range of products to be bundled Width: 70-180 mm
Height: 15-100 mm
Taping method Both-side taping
Tape Cellophane adhesive tape, self-adhesive plastic tape
Length: 200 m (max)
Width: 10-20 mm

Automatic film strapping machine (LP-420)

Bundling Machine / Automatic film strapping machine (LP-420)

This machine can strap every kind of a single or a stack of packaged products, such as natto (fermented soy beans), tofu, and pre-cooked food products. A newly developed film exchange system is adopted, enabling easy film setting. Attachment of Inkwriter, register mark sensor, etc. is possible. Installing a free roller at the outlet as an option allows one person to do strapping through box packing. This is the most appropriate for small lot production of a wide variety of products.

  • Applications: Packaged products including natto (fermented soy beans), tofu, pre-cooked food products, cakes, confectionaries.
Capability 30 bundles / minute (Max)
Dimensional range of products to be strapped Length: 70-170 mm
Width: 60-150 mm
Height: 10-110 mm
Outer circumferential length: 390 mm or less
Strapping method Overlapping on the back
Strapping film Width: 250-420 mm
Pitch: 50-150 mm
Thickness: 40-60 μm
Max. roll diameter: 300 mm or less

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