Application Equipment


Pumps compliant with API676 (76 series)

Lube oil pumps compliant with API676.
This pump can significantly shorten the lead time and can be installed in any direction.
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Seal-less pump

The basic structure and performance of the three-screw pump are maintained, but the seal-less pump has been realized.


  • Since there is no shaft seal, there is no leakage of liquid to the outside.
     Therefore, it is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • There is no danger of environmental pollution due to seal leakage, ignition of leaked liquid, or explosion.
  • Periodic replacement of the shaft seal is eliminated, reducing the cost of maintenance.
  • Can be used for a wide range of specifications, from low to high-viscosity fluids.
     Can be used without any problems even with fluids such as crude heavy fuel oil, for which shaft seals were previously too harsh.
  • Foot bracket type for space saving. No common base is required.
     Mounting direction is also flexible.

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