The Reasons Why People Choose Kosaka Laboratory

01We have technical know-how accumulated for more than 70 years.

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. was founded more than 70 years ago with the development of the precision measuring instrument that had more than 200-times higher resolution than the typical instruments then. Since foundation, our company has made inroads into various industrial fields, such as industrial pumps and food packaging machines.

With our slogan “evolution and returning to our roots,” we never neglect efforts to refine our existing technological skills and to base our strength in flexible product development based on our accumulated know-how.

02Our technological skills to meet various needs

Many of our products are custom-made to meet your requests and needs.

Living by our motto of “Pioneering Spirit,” we are committed to meet your needs even with challenging orders under strict conditions, making full use of our technological capabilities. This is our basic stance on business.

High quality
03Commitment to providing high-quality products

Sharing the value of “Absolute Quality based on the Quality-First Policy” throughout the company, we have been offering quality and reliability for your peace of mind and full satisfaction.

We continue to strive to become a company that can contribute to the society in terms of quality by consistently providing better products exceeding your expectations with the quality awareness from your point of view.