Die bonder

Model Lineup

TR-100 series

TR-100 series achieves high accuracy and high speed. Flexibly supports development, prototyping, mass production by combining units. It can handle a wide variety of workpieces.

  • Applications: LED chip, IC, sensor mounting
Bonding speed 0.75 seconds / cycle
Bonding accuracy XY: ±5 μm  θ: ±0.5 °
Bonding area MAX: 300×100

LD manufacturing equipment

Die Bonder / LD manufacturing equipment(KFA-11, PD die bonder)

LD manufacturing equipment common to LD chip and PD chip.

【PD die bonder】
High-accuracy die bonder to mount PD chips.

  • Applications: LD manufacturing

Resin coating equipment

A resin coating device is a device that injects a certain amount of resin into packages such as LED substrates using a dispenser. The transport system is a type with an XY stage and a loader/unloader.

  • Applications: LED substrate

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