Privacy Policy

Handling Personal Information

Recognizing the importance of personal information protection, we will offer our most careful attention to comply with the personal information protection law and strict handling of customers' personal information so that they can trust us and use our products safely.

Scope of Personal Information

This applies to the information that identifies a particular individual including corporate name, personal name, address, phone number, fax number and mail address.

Intended Use of Personal Information

1.Obtained personal information shall be used for the purpose of maintaining and continuing a good relationship with each business partner and other companies when procuring materials and selling, repairing and maintaining our products. For this reason, we may provide obtained personal information to the business partner concerned, outsourcing party or internal cross divisions.

2.In connection with employment applications or inquiries based on the classified advertisements from our website or other sources, applicants may be requested to submit their personal information in resume, biography or application form. In such case, the submitted information shall be used for us to consider providing employment opportunities and to respond to inquiries from the applicants.

Disclosure of Personal Information

1.Based on the agreement with a relevant customer.
2.At the request of judicial institutions or other government institutions in the form of a subpoena, warrant or writ.

Notice of changes

This document on personal information was released in December 2006. Every time this document is significantly changed, we post a prominent notice on our homepage.