Twin screw pump

Hydraulic Equipment / Twin Screw Pump

Twin screw pump assures reliable operation and a long life because through the pump is positive displacement type but its rotating elements are not contacting with each other in liquid and it doesn't have danger with stick. And the screws allow any combination of screw pairs according to the required rotating direction and discharge direction on standard shaft. Further, this construction allows any material combination.


  • For all liquids
  • Low or high viscosities
  • Neutral or aggressive
  • Self priming
  • Non pulsating flow
  • High suction
  • Quit
  • Compact and space saving design
  • No contact between rotating elements


Capacity Max. 1700 m3/h
Head Max. 7 MPa


Ship Cargo & Stripping pump, Ballast Pump, Lubricating Oil Pump and Fuel Oil transfer pump
Thermal power plant Heavy & Crude Oil Transfer Pump, COM & CWM Transfer Pump, Orimulsion transfer pump
Chemical Polymer solution transfer pump, Alkali, resine and paint etc.
Paper industry Black liquor and alkali transfer
Oil field Crude oil and slop oil transfer

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