Corporate History

1950 Kosaka Laboratory started business in Katsushika-ku Tokyo to develop and produce precision measuring instruments.
Optical lever surface roughness meter SD-1 developed.
1953 Three spindle screw pump developed.
1960 Nation's first electronic Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument SE-1 developed.
1963 Universal surface texture measuring instrument with differential transformer SE-3 developed.
1964 Misato factory constructed in Misato-shi, Saitama and operation started.
Self-centering roundness measuring instrument model EC-1 developed.
1966 Centrifugal pump developed.
1967 Roundness measuring instrument won the tenth Akashi Memorial Award.
Technical license agreement for twin screw pump made with J. H. Bornemann Co. KG., West Germany. (Terminated in 1983)
1968 Moka factory constructed on the first industrial campus in Maoka city, Tochigi.
1973 Technical license agreement for single screw pump made with J. H. Bornemann Co. KG., West Germany. (Terminated in 1983)
Form measuring instrument EF developed.
1975 Submerged cargo pump developed.
Thin film step measuring instrument ET developed.
1977 Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument SE-3FTP with digital analyzer incorporating microcomputer, World's first and VTR cylinder drum Contour Measuring Instrument developed.
1979 Tokyo business office opened in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
LED die bonder developed.
3D Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument with analyzer developed.
1980 Articulated space coordinates measuring instrument (Vectoron) developed.
1983 The award of Director-general of the science and technology agency won.
Award winner: Seiichiro Kosaka
1984 Seiichiro Kosaka, a founder, received a medal of honor.
World's first noncontact (optical stylus) Microfigure Measuring Instrument HIPOSS ET-10 developed.
1986 Osaka business office opened in Osaka city.
Fully automatic glass scriber developed.
1987 Fully automatic glass breaking instrument developed.
Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) developed in conjunction with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.
Fully automatic roundness measuring instrument EC-3070 developed.
1989 Nagoya branch office opened in Nagoya city.
1991 The name of Nagoya Branch Office changed to Nagoya Business Office.
Portable roughness measuring instrument SE-1100 developed.
1995 Compact size Vectoron VMC-1000 series developed.
Bundling machine SPA-35 developed.
1996 Development and research of multiphase pump consigned by Japan National Oil Corporation.
1997 Precision measuring instruments division, Misato Factory ISO 9001, quality management system standard certified.
High-accuracy fully automatic roundness measuring instrument EC3400 developed.
1998 Side taping machine developed.
High performance stage movable type Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument SE4000 developed.
1999 Hydraulic equipment division, Misato Factory ISO 9001, quality management system standard, certified.
2000 Headquarters transferred to Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and at the same time, Tokyo business office transferred to said location.
Fully automatic Microfigure Measuring Instrument ET4000 developed.
2003 Articulated space coordinates measuring instrument (Vectoron) received the award of small and medium enterprise excellent new technology and new product.
Hybrid Contour and Roughness Measuring Instrument DSF500 developed.
Rotary stage Roundness and Cylindricity Measuring Instrument EC1550 developed.
REF100 measuring instrument used exclusively for crankshaft journal and pin corner R developed.
2004 Osaka business office transferred due to business expansion.
Rotary stage super automatic roundness measuring instrument EC2500 F developed.
Rotary detector type roundness measuring instrument for large components EC4100 / EC5100 developed.
Large-size fully automatic Microfigure Measuring Instrument for FPD manufacturing process ET5000 / ET6000 developed.
2005 Compact size all-purpose Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument SE500 developed.
Multi-head fully automatic glass scriber KS series developed.
2006 Nagoya business office transferred due to business expansion.
Digital Hybrid Contour and Roughness Measuring Instrument DSF800 developed.
Contour Measuring Instrument EF550 developed.
Vectoron VMC5500 series developed.
2008 High-speed side taping machine CS-800 developed.
2009 Accredited by JCSS as a calibration lavoratory for surface texture measurement.
2010 Hybrid microfigure measuring instrument ET600 developed.
2011 MGO three spindle screw pump developed.
2013 Installed a heavy grinding machine in Moka factory.
2014 Three spindle screw pump with magnetic coupling developed.
2019 Acquired ISO9001 certification at Moka Factory.
Micro-hole 3D contour measuring instrument FP-3030 developed.
2020 70th anniversary.