Articulated 3D CMM, able to measure arbitrary positions from arbitrary directions at will.

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd.

Articulated Three-Dimensional CMM  VECTORON

Model Lineup

VMC series

This series is an articulated three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine able to move even on complicated 3D free-form surfaces smoothly at will, allowing anyone to make accurate measurements with ease.

Max. probing range
(In case of VMC6646M)
X-axis: 3500 mm
Y-axis: 3500 mm
Z-axis: 3360 mm
Accuracy (our standard) Repeatability of fixed points: 2 σ  0.03 mm
Measuring accuracy: 2 σ  0.04 mm
VSC series

Vertical move of column is allowed, built with VMC series, so that VSC series are suitable for measuring large-size work pieces.

Max. probing range
(In case of VSC3224)
X-axis: 3100mm
Y-axis: 2950mm
Z-axis: 3615mm
Column traverse range 1500 mm
Accuracy (our standard) Repeatability: 2 σ  ±0.06 mm
Measuring accuracy: 2 sigma;  ±0.15 mm

Accessory list