Accessory details for roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument.

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd.

Roundness and Cylindricity Measuring Instrument  RONCORDER

Accessory list

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Stylus arm
For PU-UG series pick-up 25 kinds of stylus arm is available.
Arm material: ceramic or SUS
Stylus material: diamond, sapphire, tungsten carbide and SKS
Centering chuck (MRC-12)

For small-diameter work piece.

Applicable model All models
Applicable range O.D.: φ0.8-56 mm
Repeatability 10 μm
Large centering chuck (MRC-20)
Applicable model Pick-up rotation type series
Applicable range O.D.: φ3-160 mm
I.D.: φ48-150 mm
Weight 20 kg