Accessory details for surface roughness and form contour measuring instrument

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd.

Surface Roughness and Contour Measuring Instrument  SURFCORDER

Accessory list

Pick-up / C series

C series is a economy pick-up able to exchange stylus arms according to measurement purposes.

Applicable model SE series (except for SE300, SE1200, SE1700 series), SEF series.
Pick-up body PU-C
PU-C(S)-60  * applied A2-60
(Suffix S means a 0.6m short cable)
Stylus arm and nose piece are not supplied
Stylus arm Various types are available
Nose piece 5 kinds
Pick-up / D series

PU-D is a combination type to stylus arm, with high performance

Applicable model and pick-up body Type with suffix S, cable length: 0.6 m
SE series which is using DR100X drive unit, excluding SE300 / 1100 / 1200 / 1700 series supplied to DR30X series
Type without suffix S, cable length: 1.5 m
SE series which is using DR200X/250X drive unit, excluding SE300 / 1100 / 1200 / 1700 series supplied to DR30X series
48 types of pick-up with fixed stylus arm to meet various measurements.
Spare stylus tip for roughness pick ups Various types are available
Interchangeable stylus for roughness pick-ups
Pick-up / C series Stylus tip radius: Total 22 types R2 μm to R800 μm is available
Material: diamond, sapphire and tungsten carbide
Pick-up / D series Stylus tip radius: Total 23 types R0.5 μm to R800 μm is available
Material: diamond, sapphire and tungsten carbide
Non-contact pick-up (PU-OS400)

PU-OS400 is a non-contact pick-up with optical laser using a halogen light source

Applicable model SE series excluding SE300 / 1100 / 1200 / 1700 series.
SE500 series which supplied drive unit is 100mm type, and C or D series pick-up can be used
Measuring range 300 μm
Resolution 10 nm
Spot diameter 7.4 μm
Operating distance 4.5 mm
Reflectivity 2% or more
Circumferential roughness measuring unit (SRA-21)

A porous static pressure air bearing is installed. Excellent rigid bearing enhances vibration free measurement with high accuracy.

Applicable model SE3500, SEF3500 series
Workpiece size Dia. 1-130 mm
Loading capacity 20 kg
Measuring speed 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 2 mm/sec
Circumferential roughness measuring system (ZRM-200)

ZRM200 is to measure surface roughness of cylindrical substances such as tubes or rollers. Place a workpiece on the two rubber rollers and electrically rotate it to measure.

Applicable model SE series and SEF series excluding SE1200
Workpiece size Dia. 10-160 mm
Loading capacity 6.3 kg
Drive speed 0.1, 0.5 mm/sec
Universal stage (RAF-11)
Cross moving range ±10 mm
Tilting range ±3°
Rotation range 360° endless (graduation in every 5°)
Stage size Dia. 148mm
Vice opening width 0-80 mm
Loading capacity 10 kg
Y-axis motorized stage (RAF-22D)
Y-axis range 50 mm
Stage size 150 × 150 mm
Loading capacity 5 kg
XY axis stage (RAF-31)
Range ±5 mm
Stage size 80 × 80 mm
Loading capacity 2 kg
Workpiece stage (RAG)

RAG is helpful for measurement requiring wide angle.

XY-axis range ±12.5 mm (supplied with 1 μm readout micrometer)
Tilting range ±90° (1 way)
Rotation range 360° endless
Stage size 70 × 100 mm
Loading capacity 1 kg
Leveling stage (ST series)

4 types of ST-31, 41, 51 and 52 are available.

Applicable model SE series, SEF series, EF series excluding SE1100 and SE1200
Stylus arms for contour

For contour pick-up PU-FG25 / FJ25

Applicable model EF150 series / SEF3500 / SEF3500D / EF3000
Stylus type Stylus tip radius: Total 20 types R25 μm
Material: sapphire and tungsten carbide