Polymer pumps have been installed for China SINOPEC GAO QIAO PROJECT.

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd.

Polymer pumps have been in operation for China SINOPEC.

Polymer pumps have been passed trial running in August 2006 and these have been in operation since December 2006 for China SINOPEC (China petroleum chemistry) GAO QIAO PROJECT (100,000 T/A SSBR PLANT).

Polymer pumps

Three models eleven units of Twin screw pumps are in operation for other application except for polymer transportation in polymer plant of China SINOPEC GAO QIAO. China Chemical Industrial Park which has this plant has vast area and this area has future expected of industrial park which is born as center of Shanghai area.

Specifications for the "Twin Screw Pump" used for Chemical Plant

Pump Name Model No. Capacity Discharge Pressure Suction Pressure
BLEND TANK CIRCULATION PUMP TH60L-60 6 ETS 3-30 m3/h 1.06 MPa 1.06 MPa
CRUMBING FEED PUMP TH70L-68 3 ETS 5-50 m3/h 1.58 MPa 0.40 MPa
FLASHING VESSEL BOTTOMS PUMP TH70L-66 2 ETS 5-50 m3/h 0.23 MPa 0.66 MPa