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MGO PUMP Demonstration test

Balancing mechanism

Demonstration continues running of our three spindle screw pump (our model: GH-R3B) which is designed for transfer of Low sulfur oil for marine 【MARINE GAS OIL】 had been finished. It's total running time is 20hours (10+10 hours).

The pump mechanism is allied balance type to reduce bearing stress which is gotten patent.The kerosene which is worse lubrication than 【MARINE GAS OIL】 (HFRR※1) was used in the examination from the problem in acquisition.

This test made it confirm the performance under witness by owners who have relation on 2009.12.02.
This pump is sold and manufactured as a pump for MGO.

Terms of actual proof examination

MGO PUMP Demonstration test

Model GH-R3B-204
Capacity 13m3/h
Discharge 2.60MPaG
Suction -0.05MPaG
Revolution 1800(s.s)min-1
Liquid Kerosene
Viscosity 1.0mm2/s
Temp 55℃
Property of MARINE GAS OIL
Kind of oil DMX
The kerosene used for the actual proof examination
Viscosity(at 40℃) Min. (mm2/s) 1.40 2.00 2.00 1.0(at 55℃)
Max. (mm2/s) 5.50 6.00 11.00 -
HFRR(μm) ※1 (at 60℃) 520 520 520 739(at 60℃)

※1 HFRR:The index show lubrication degree (It is shown that lubrication is bad as much as numerical value is high.)

Typical use

Model Capacity
Discharge Pressure
Suction Pressure
Motor power
Revolution Speed
Scope of viscosity
GH-R3B-76 4.1 2.6 -0.05 11 1800(s.s) 1~6
GH-R3B-86 5.2
GH-R3B-101 6.2
GH-R3B-118 8.0 15
GH-R3B-127 9.0
GH-R3B-157 11.0 18.5
GH-R3B-204 13.0 22
GH-R3B-218 16.0 30